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4 colour T shirt screen printer

Usage:  Manual 4 colour T-shirt screen printer can print sheet things, ex. paper, T shirts, clothing, towel, umbrellas, bags, caps, shoes, etc. glue multi-colors textile printing.   Specification: HC-SM4-1519   4color 1 worktable screen press 1)    ...

Manual screen printer with Vacuum table

Usage:  Manual vacuum screen printer  mainly print plane article, electronic objects, paper, PVC, PET, book cover.   Specification: HC-SM-3337   Manual vacuum screen printer 1)         Max print size : 33.5*37.4 inch (850*95...

6 colour t shirt screen printer

US $ 2800
Usage: Manual 6 coluor screen printer  can print sheet things, ex. paper, T-shirts, bags, clothing, towel, umbrellas, caps, shoes. Silk screen printer for 6colors, 5colors, 4colors, 3colors, 2colors textile printing.. Specification: HC-SM6-1624    6 color 6 worktable screen ...

Manual screen printer for pen,mug

US $ 268
Usage: Manual round screen printer also named manual cylinder screen printer is mostly print round and cylinder pen, bottle and mug . Simple and cheap screen printing machine is good for small lot and multi kind products to testing. Multi colours be printed by multi times.   Specification: ...

manual screen print machine

US $ 150
Usage:   Manual screen printer can print both plane and cylinder article, as paper, PVC, PET, film, electronics. Simple and cheap screen printing machine is good for electronic objects.   Specification: HC-SM-1115   Manual screen press Max print size: 11*15 inch (290*390 mm) Wor...

8 color Screen printer

Specification: HC-SM8-1823  Manual 8 color 8 station spider machine 1)       Worktable size: 20*25 inch (500*650mm) 2)       Max print size: 18*23 inch (450*600mm 3)       Max print speed: 800pcc/H 4) &nb...

Total 6 Products Showing 1 - 6

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