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Product Description

Use: It use to dry LED UV ink on articles printed by screen printing, offset printing and pad printing.

      LED UV dryer is more and more popular Nowdays,it have 5 features compares with traditional UV dryer.

     1) It saves a lot of energy/Electricity.

     2) Environmental protection, because LED does not produce ozone.

     3) Good for health.

     4) Longer life,20000hours.

     5) No need to warm up/preheat.


      Light source type: surface light source
     Control mode: button control, external control
     Input voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz
     Use lamp distance: 5mm ~ 15mm
     Cooling method: water cooling
     LED lamp hours: 20000H
    Number of chips: 1440 pieces
    Total length of the machine: 2000MM
    Total width: 1200MM
    Belt width: 1000MM
    Total machine height (including lampshade): 1000MM
    Distance between belt and ground: 850MM
    Effective irradiation length: 1000MM
    In-feed length & Out-feed length: adjustable
    Max height of product: 4inch
    Speed is adjustable: 5-35 meters per minute

    The machine comes with: 1pc industrial chiller, 1pc control box, LED lamp and lamp cover.

To see more pictures and video at http://www.hc-printing-machine.com/pinfo_en.asp?id=165

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