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Product Description

Usage: Tension meter measure the tension of screen plate.

Note: The tension meter has correction zero, it's not allowed to disassemble or re-fix it.


Revise zero: please put the tension meter on the plain glass, pointer indicate RST, and then it's right.


The best tension for printing substrate (1KG=9.8N):


Screen plate style

Printing substrate


High tension screen plate



High strength screen plate

Multi colour and four colour printing


High precision super fine degrees screen plate

High precision multilayer circuit screen printing


High precision polyester nets (single standard)

Many color and four color overprint (Manual print)


Ordinary polyester nets (single standard)

Level off objects


Nylon nets

Curved or different surface coarse objects




Standard Certificate: ISO9001-2000

Country of Origin: Guangdong, China

Payment Terms: T.T, PayPal, Western Union or L/C

Lead time: Within 5 days when get buyer’s payment or deposit

Shipment: By DHL, FedEx, EMS, UPS, by air or by sea

Guaranty:  Half a year



Packing:   by carton

Packing size: 250*150*100 mm

Packing volume: 0.004 CBM

Gross weight: 1.4KG

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