Roller sublimation machine

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HC-RB 42120

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Roller sublimation machine advantages
1.Independent welding table, easy to install and remove.

2.Air up the shaft roller, precise tension control, to ensure that the delivery of paper neat.

3.Anti-pinch device to ensure safe operation.

4.Microcomputer operation panel, simple and reliable.

5.High burning point conveyor blankets, flame retardant performance.

6.blanket thickness uniformity, the transfer effect is good.

7.Teflon coating heating roller, effectively prevent electrostatic interference in the transfer process, roller temperature is small.

8.Roller with internal and external precision turning and grinding, uniform thickness, heat transfer stability.

9.Brand thermal oil, heat stable and uniform.

10.Adjustable blanket roller rack pressure mechanism, pressure adjustment is simple and convenient; Independent pneumatic booster agencies to ensure high - pressure environment transfer, to achieve the transfer of color thousands.

11.Brand electrical components, long life, low failure rate; latest collector ring signal transmission, high stability and long life.

12.PVC conveyor belt, isolation paper reel, ribbon drive shaft speed can be independent and flexible adjustment.

13.Independent blanket correction structure.

14.Precise temperature control system, the temperature difference in the range of 5 degrees.

15.Tension adjustment structure, to ensure that the cloth and paper transfer process of tension balance.

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